Inner End

Space Cartographer map fragment
  • Day length = 23 hours
  • Year length = 1 earth year
  • Gravity = 1.1
  • Climate = Due to the bi-sun system the planet experiences slightly warmer temperatures.
  • Biosphere = Jungle

A planet on the coreward edge of what was Davion space, so remote and not noteworthy that only a name exists in the database. That remoteness was its major attraction throughout the old times. People would flock to it to escape the wars and destruction.

Inner End would not escape war forever, March 21 3072 the capital city, Endertown was nuked from orbit by Word of Blake forces during the Jihad. To this day Endertown is uninhabitable, even the jungle that seems to grow uncontrollably has not taken hold.

Due to the brave militia stationed on Inner End inhabitants were able to flee to safety to remote camps. Those remote camps became towns of Echo and Cragsberg

Inner End

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